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Academic Counselors Overview

Mrs. Annabel Chai Students 12th grade

Mr. Mike Hellerud Students 9th-11th & Vista

Service Learning Information


The following Counseling Services are available to Robertson High School students as needed. Students may sign up for counseling appointments in the School Office before school, at break/ lunch or after school. Parents may arrange appointments with Counselors by telephoning 657-9155 or by email.


Student Programming

  • Graduation status check
  • Credits, requirements, testing
  • Senior graduation summary~senior status sent to family at beg. of year
  • Assist with course selection and programming
  • Transcripts distributed annually for student/parent review
  • Referrals to tutoring resources
  • Attendance review
  • Summer school classes~choice of classes
  • Help with enrollment for ROP classes
  • Help with sign ups for Adult School
  • Community College information


  • College and career speakers
  • Choices career software
  • College catalogs and applications available
  • Vocational/Military Information
  • ROP registration & information
  • Volunteer and job opportunities


  • Crisis Counseling
  • Referrals to social service agencies
  • Parent conferences and student appointments held upon request